In hindsight I will continue to have continuous insights

Marina Dubia
Nathanael Araújo
Samara Sallam
Monia Sander
Abbas Zahedi
Sofia Niazi


Bladr, København


10 - 30 september 2020



Six artists, who work with subversive (spoken as well as written) language, which slips and slides in and out of art, were invited to show work as well as artist books. Each artist was asked for a quote they love, either from their own work or someone else, to set the tone for the exhibition.

”Vort udgangspunkt må være den grundlæggende modsætning, som er bestemmende for menneskets biologiske nærvær: modsætningen mellem vor vægt, som tynger os nedad, og rygsøjlen, som driver os opad og holder os oprejste." - Eugenio Barba (red. Monia Sander)

'All prisons are the same, both aim to turn you into an animal, Whether you were stateless in this country, or locked in a small cell in Paris,
In both You eat, you drink, they watch you take a shit, then lock you in a cage. They humiliate you and insult your logical intelligence. Prison is a place to discover what is it to be in a place where you have no language to speak, no linguistic abilities, no emotional expressions, and no jurisdictional languages. '' – Samara Sallam

"Halfway-through it was difficult to separate myself from the words, the style. My thoughts were narration, going down the stairs more engrossing, the edges of my sight hazy. I doubt, from outside, anybody could detect any slight change; but the words would intrude, I would become convinced of parallel theories, align friends with types, relationships with archs, predict emotions and reactions according to the linear propulsion. I couldn't separate myself from it. And then. Take a step back. And breathe." – Marina Dubia

”We can no longer take anything for granted, as an artist I cannot take my medium or my content for granted.” – Abbas Zahedi


Photos: Sara Lubich

Kurateret af Karin Hald